About the First Nations Technology Council

The First Nations Technology Council is an Indigenous-led organization that serves all 203 First Nations communities across British Columbia, working to ensure that Indigenous peoples have full and equitable access to the tools, training and support to maximize the opportunities presented by technology and innovation. The Technology Council sees the strengthening of local Indigenous economies and the empowering of Indigenous innovators as contributing to Indigenous self-determination and nationhood. These efforts can serve as a tangible form of reconciliation as we work towards a shared and sustainable future in Canada.

In our 15 years of operation, the Technology Council has partnered with over 150 First Nations communities across the province to provide advice, insights, and technology-related training. Moving forward, our vision is one of a thriving Indigenous Innovation Ecosystem, in which Indigenous peoples are empowered with the necessary skills and certifications to thrive in our digital age, Indigenous communities are able to fully utilize technology to advance their visions and the technology sector is actively being shaped by Indigenous voices and perspectives as it responds meaningfully to reconciliation.