Our Partners

The Technology Council has become a network of active, social innovation partners that share a vision for equal access to technology and inclusion of Indigenous people in technology and innovation sectors. We enthusiastically welcome new partners and allies in our work and invite you to connect with us if you or your organization wishes to join the conversation and drive change.

Partners include:

  • First Nations Communities and Service Organizations
  • Aboriginal Skills & Employment Training Strategy (ASETS) Agreement Holders
  • Post-Secondary Institutions
  • Provincial and Federal Governments
  • Social/Environmental Innovation Groups
  • Technology sector representatives and thought leaders
  • Industry across sectors
  • Aboriginal Entrepreneurs and Technologists

We continue to seek opportunities to work with other organizations toward the successful adoption of technology in the 203 First Nations communities in BC.  By partnering with organizations at all levels and across sectors, we can play a key role in building digital skills capacity, facilitating access to technology, and planning for the sustainability of technology in First Nations communities. 

Building digital skills capacity in communities is just the first step; we also want to ensure strong and tangible outcomes, including employment. We believe that the best way to ensure successful outcomes is to develop relationships and establish a collaborative support network that connects skilled individuals with employers.

See a full list of our partners here and find out how they are working with us!