December 2, 2016

A term that I hear and say at least a hundred times a day


Being in a community of brilliant entrepreneurs, thought leaders and advocates for change is a constant reminder of what our collective capacity is to create, make better, live better—with more consciousness. This is not a small movement; it’s the trajectory that all of humanity must pursue to continue living on this planet.

Here we are, riding what was a swell and became a wave of promise that technological advancement, innovation, economic change, and reconciliation have finally become the promise of our government. Finally there was acknowledgement that to be competitive globally we must “reinvigorate energy innovation in this country,” and the promise that our government will diversify and think boldly about how to meet commitments to our environment and our future generations. And yesterday, I feared that we witnessed the place where that wave may have broken, or at the very least, weakened.

It’s hard to accept this decision from Canada’s leadership, but I know for certain that our leadership will ensure that this decision is far from being made. Wealth and prosperity mean many things and I hope that we can all agree that profit at any cost is not okay. It never was—but it certainly is not now given what we know and given what we can do about it.

Every day I think about how more Indigenous people can lead the way in technology, innovation, and STEM fields. I wonder what this world would look like with an even stronger Indigenous presence and voice elevating the knowledge of sustainability, stewardship, responsibility and reciprocity. I believe this decision is not as much a setback as a further call to action for us to come together, work faster, work smarter, shape the narrative and shape history.   

- Denise Williams

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Technology Council.