PeaceTalks #37: Reconciliation through Indigenous Innovation

April 3, 2018

Canada has not yet come to understand the powerful contribution Indigenous people have, and will continue to make, once access to digital and connected technologies is made possible and equitable. As the original innovators and technological experts on these territories since the time of our indigenous ancestors, we can only imagine what advancements will be designed and implemented by our nation's best and brightest minds. How may we understand reconciliation in this context? What initiatives are already on this sharp edge of social change? How can we deepen our commitment to fair access, reconciliation and reconciliation through innovation? This PeaceTalk was co-presented by PeaceGeeks and the First Nations Technology Council at the HiVE. We would also like to extend a thank you to Amnesty International and LUSH for making our PeaceTalks possible. PeaceTalks is a moderated “salon-style” speakers’ series to engage conversation towards developing a more interconnected and peaceful world. Panelists: Denise Williams of First Nations Technology Council, Jeff Ward of Animikii, and Alexander Dirksen.