Talent Development Strategysupport

Since our creation by First Nations communities, the Technology Council has been striving to think forward, pull together the right partners and develop programs to realize the vision of fully connected First Nations utilizing technology to build nations, access the knowledge-based economy and foster indigenous innovation through a digital platform.

Currently the technology sector employs more than the forestry, oil and gas sectors combined and continues to outperform the overall economy. It’s forecasted that by 2019 over 15,500 ICT jobs will need to be filled in Vancouver alone. With the Indigenous population as one of the fastest growing demographics in Canada, and among the youngest with a median age of 29, there is huge opportunity for Indigenous talent.  

This year, the Provincial Government announced a $100M investment into the technology sector through the #BCTech Strategy and a commitment to deepening the talent pool with training and tech-related education. Following the announcement, the Technology Council has been creating dialogue and asking questions to better understand the meaningful inclusion of Indigenous peoples in this strategy and ultimately in this growing opportunity. We are working to understand:

  • How can we support Indigenous talent to obtain the skills and training to access opportunities in the technology sector?
  • What is the ongoing impact on our communities of limited access to connectivity, training and infrastructure and what investment is required to meet communities’ needs?
  • How do we collect and secure information about current technology use in communities and how can we utilize this data to inform the development of our programs and services?
  • How do we bring the right partners together and ensure the technology sector is meaningfully engaged in reconciliation and creating space for diversity in the workforce?

It is the ongoing conversations with communities, partners, industry and government that have informed the Indigenous Technology Talent Development Strategy. This is our approach to answering these questions and to building an Indigenous technology ecosystem that builds up and supports Indigenous talent and communities. This strategy is also informed by our 5+ years of experience delivering in-community training. Over 2,800 participants have completed our training to date and we are excited about the launch of our new program Bridging to Technology under the Talent Development Strategy. We hope you find out more about this new program and we encourage you to contact us with your thoughts, experiences and knowledge as we continue to grow this strategy and expand the reach.

Check out photos from our past training!