Foundations & Futures in Innovation & Technology

Are you Indigenous and living in British Columbia? Are you ready to work hard and explore the possibility of an exciting new career in a booming industry? Then Foundations and Futures in Innovation and Technology (FiiT) is for you.

The FiiT programs are designed as a comprehensive digital skills training journey. Foundations is our entry-level exploratory program, and Futures are our advanced, career-oriented programs. The team at the First Nations Technology Council is here to break them down and figure out which is the best fit for you. 

Tuition for all programs is funded by the Technology Council, and student support funds are available through application. 




Program Overview


Foundations Foundations

Foundations is a 12-week exploratory program offered in-person and (soon-to-be) online. This program introduces you to six in-demand fields within the tech sector. This is the perfect opportunity to get comfortable in the following topics so that you can decide which one you would like to pursue as a career in our Futures program. 

In Foundations you will be introduced to the following six topics, two weeks at a time:

  • Computer Basics and Professional Practices: In this module, you will learn the basics of Microsoft Office, which continues to be one of the most sought-after technology skills in all sectors. Administrative professionals can use digital tools to maximize organization, productivity and efficiency in any workplace. 
  • Web Development and Coding: Learning to code is a lot like learning a new language. In this module you will learn the basics of this language, introducing you to the backend functionality and frontend design of building websites and web applications.
  • GIS/ GPS Mapping: Digital mapping has huge potential for stewarding our lands and resources through Traditional Use Studies. This module introduces you to the basics of gathering data, performing analysis and visualizing information through Geographic Information Systems and Global Positioning Systems.
  • Communications and Digital Marketing: Communications has rapidly shifted towards online outreach and engagement. In this module you will be introduced to online brand strategy, effectively engaging with members and clients, search engine optimization and social media management.
  • Software Testing: Imagine testing video games for a living. From games to word processors, software needs to be tested for bugs. This module shows you how to recognize these bugs to ensure that the software created by developers is doing what it’s supposed to do. 
  • Network Setup and Support: Businesses and organizations need computers, which means they need professionals who can install and fix the network hardware and software. In this module, you will learn the basics of setting up internet connections, installing routers and servers,  troubleshooting problems and setting up security and anti-virus measures.

Entrance Requirements:

  • Grade 10 completion, or willingness to complete a digital skills assessment through NVIT
  • Ability to study full-time hours for all 12 weeks
  • Self-identify as Indigenous (Status First Nations, non-status, Métis, Inuit)

Coming soon - Foundations Online: Our online study option is delivered in partnership with Royal Roads University and is unlike any distance learning you may have experienced before. Our students progress through video modules while receiving full access to instructors and their fellow classmates through live and interactive webinar sessions. If you can’t travel to an urban centre for our in-person delivery then joining our online community is available for your convenience.

Accreditation: Upon completion of the Foundations program you will receive 24 credits towards your post-secondary education through the Nicola Valley Institute of Technology. 




Students who have completed Foundations,  or incoming candidates with previous technical experience, have the opportunity to enter into one of our advanced Futures programs. In Futures, students choose one field to specialize in. The delivery format is accelerated, giving you the skills you need to enter the workforce in a shortened time frame. 

When you enter a Futures program, you will work with a Technology Council team member and be supported with academic advising, tuition, student support funds, networking, and a community of Indigenous and non-Indigenous tech-minded peers. 

Futures is delivered in partnership with various industry experts and training institutes. Each stream of Futures has different entrance requirements, locations, and start dates. Please refer to the Upcoming Opportunities page for more information. 

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