Juanita Nielsen

Regional Coordinator - Kootenay Region

About Juanita

Juanita Nielsen is a passionate advocate dedicated to decolonizing the psyche of Indigenous Peoples, instilling hope and igniting a passion for a brighter future. With a deep commitment to the cause of Indigenous sovereignty, Juanita tirelessly works to challenge and reform systems that have historically marginalized and oppressed Indigenous communities.

Having a background in addictions counselling and trauma work within Indigenous Nations, Juanita brings a unique perspective to the crucial issue of healing and recovery. She firmly believes that the decolonization of education and government systems is an essential step towards rectifying historical injustices and empowering Indigenous communities.

Juanita's commitment extends beyond mere words, as she is also deeply passionate about land, water, and air reclamation for Indigenous Peoples throughout British Columbia. Her dedication to environmental justice aligns perfectly with her broader mission of supporting Indigenous communities in their journey towards self-determination and sustainable, empowered futures. With a heart for justice and a determined spirit, Juanita Nielsen is a driving force in the ongoing struggle for Indigenous rights and a more equitable society.

Jaunita holds a Diploma in Human Services from Norquest College, a Diploma in Tourism Management (with a focus on Indigenous teachings) from Vancouver Island University, and completed the Foundations program at the First Nations Technology Council.

In her free time, Juanita is found hiking with her dog, cold water river plunges on Sinixt Territory, and learning ways to foster hope and joy in people.