Jessica Humphries

Regional Coordinator - North Vancouver Island Region

About Jessica

Jessica is passionate about working in the community and connecting with people. She strongly believes in meeting people where they are on their journeys and sharing her knowledge to meaningfully contribute to projects.

Jessica has been working in libraries for about 13 years. Her foundational years were in academic libraries, with a brief stint in instructional design before grounding into public libraries. Jessica has had the opportunity to work and travel throughout British Columbia, the United States, Mexico, and Tahiti.

Jessica hold in Bachelor of Arts in Gender Studies and Art History from the University of Victoria, as well as a Masters in Library and Information Science from the University of Washington where she focused on Indigenous systems of knowledge.

A woman of mixed ancestry — Irish, Scottish, and Welsh on her mother's side, and Afro-Indigenous on her father's side being Métis with ties to Mi’kmaq and black communities in Nova Scotia as well as the Caribbean — Jessica spends her free time with her two boys and family. She also enjoys dancing, reading, and connecting to the land through growing food and frolicking in her garden.