Tirzah Swampy

Senior Manager, Digital Skills Development & Training

About Tirzah

As the Manager, Student Experience and Pathways, Tirzah has the privilege of interacting with Indigenous Peoples across BC who are interested in developing their skills in technology. She ensures that those selected are able to attend, participate, and complete the training successfully. What Tirzah loves most is seeing learners form relationships with one another and the sense of community that they feel when they take Technology Council programs. Tirzah believes it makes a world of difference and contributes to learners entering the tech sector as confident, skilled professionals.

Tirzah is passionate about building relationships with learners and meeting them where they are on their journey, educational or personal, and providing support however needed. Previously, Tirzah worked at the Technology Council as a program coordinator. She has worked with Indigenous youth and adults in educational environments where she forged relationships as both a mentor and advocate.

Tirzah holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Macewan University. She is also a Certified Coach Practitioner.

Tirzah is a mix of Cree and Blackfoot, originally from Samson Cree Nation in Maskwacis, Alberta.