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First Nations Technology Council

The First Nations Technology Council is an Indigenous-led, innovative non-profit mandated by First Nations leadership in British Columbia. We work to advance digital literacy, improve internet connectivity and provide guidance on data and digital technology for all 204 First Nations across the province.

News & Stories

Indigenous Innovator: Cody Moore
This is the first edition of our new Indigenous Innovator series where First Nations Technology Council alumni tell their stories about how digital skills have made a positive impact in […]
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The First Nations Technology Council Welcomes New CEO
Natiea Vinson to lead the organization as it scales up to continue delivering unique digital skills programming for Indigenous people in BC, realizing digital equity, and transforming the tech ecosystem. […]
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Groundbreaking Study will Increase Indigenous Leadership in Technology Across B.C.
The First Nations Technology Council is excited to announce that the Indigenous Leadership in Technology: Understanding Access and Opportunities in BC Report (ILIT) is now available.  This report, which is the culmination […]
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Celebrating over 10 years of Denise Williams’ leadership at the First Nations Technology Council
After over a decade of outstanding leadership at the First Nations Technology Council, CEO, Denise Williams, is moving on from her role with the organization in the fall of 2022. […]
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