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Work With Our Alumni

We offer Indigenous-designed career services that support Technology Council alumni in their transition from learning to work, while simultaneously helping industry attract and retain Indigenous talent.

To date, we have trained more than 1,400 Indigenous Peoples living in BC and have seen a 35% higher completion rate than non-Indigenous programs. Many of our 18 Indigenous-designed courses provide learners with in-demand digital skills for roles at technology and technology-enabled companies. Unfortunately, the transition from learning to work is not always easy.

Our research found that ongoing systemic barriers prevent Indigenous Peoples from entering, remaining, and excelling in tech. We also found a lack of career services designed specifically for Indigenous Peoples. That’s why we’re proud to offer Indigenous-designed career services that support Technology Council alumni in the next step of their learning journey.

Connecting Indigenous Innovators with Companies

Informed by over a decade of work, our focus is on breaking down barriers for Indigenous Peoples pursuing careers in tech and employers who want to recruit and retain the next generation of Indigenous innovators. We help connect alumni to a future in technology through career navigation, soft skills development, networking, mentorship and internship opportunities.

We are placing 20 interns in 2024! To ensure positive experiences for both our graduates and employers, we work with companies who share our commitment to reflective, dedicated and action-oriented practices aligned with the principles outlined in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada Call to Action #92.

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Move Beyond Inclusion

We work with tech and tech-enabled companies to create positive, culturally safe work environments for Indigenous Peoples so they can be supported and thrive in their careers.

Our 10-hour corporate training course, Bringing Into Balance: The Role of the Individual in Truth & Reconciliation, begins by unpacking the relationship between settler colonialism, digital inequity and the exclusion of Indigenous Peoples in technology. It also examines how we can move toward fostering a culture of allyship and mobilize transformative change among ourselves, our colleagues, and within organizational systems.

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Looking for more ways to get involved?

Financial barriers are the biggest challenge Indigenous Peoples face when pursuing digital skills training, according to our research. With your help, our Digital Skills Bursary Fund increases access to our courses, creating important opportunities for Indigenous participation and leadership in technology. Consider donating today to increase access to our in-demand digital skills training for Indigenous Peoples living in British Columbia

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