Digital Skills Bursary Fund

Financial barriers are the biggest challenge Indigenous learners face when pursuing digital skills training. With your help, we’re increasing access to Indigenous designed-and-led tech training for life and work through our Digital Skills Bursary Fund.

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The Digital Skills Bursary Fund increases access to made-for-you tech and career-ready courses at the First Nations Technology Council. We deliver online and in-person courses for Indigenous Peoples ages 18+ living in BC. No matter their skill level or where they are on their digital learning journey - we meet learners where they are.

Our research shows financial barriers are the most significant challenge preventing Indigenous learners from pursuing tech training opportunities. The generous donations we receive ensure that we can keep delivering and expanding the courses we offer at no cost to learners - with additional weekly financial and cultural support, and career and alumni mentorship.

Indigenous-Designed and Led

Our Indigenous-designed and led courses have a 35% higher completion rate than those delivered through non-Indigenous training providers. Over 75% of learners have used their new skills for a career or further training in tech.

We do things differently. We work with Indigenous education specialists to create courses that are rooted in Indigenous wisdom, values, and ways of being. All of our courses provide cultural support provided by Knowledge Holders and create a safe space for learners.

To ensure our learners achieve their goals, we are proud to offer additional supports, including the equipment and technology needed to carry them through their studies. Upon course completion, learners can keep the equipment to ladder into other courses, or find a job with their new career-ready skills and tools.

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Career & Mentorship

Connecting Indigenous learners to a digital future

As the use of technology in our daily lives increases – and industries across B.C. become more reliant on it – it’s no wonder tech skills are in higher demand than ever before. From work to education, environmental stewardship, rights implementation and more, these skills are essential for participating in society as we know it.

Tech skills for everyday and professional use are vital. While we provide digital skills training, we’re more than a technology training institute. Our programs ensure our peoples and communities can lead the future of technology and reshape society’s relationship with it. Our programs provide the digital skills and tools needed to advance Indigenous visions for our youth and future generations.