Dan Clouston


About Dan

Dan teaches computer basics and professional practice, web development and coding, software testing, and GIS/GPS mapping. He is passionate about education, particularly to empower others. Dan is grateful for the people he has met, places he has been, and the knowledge that has been shared with him along the way. As an educator, Dan strive's to teach with an open mind and heart, and to keep listening and learning.

Dan holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics and Astronomy from the University of British Columbia. He was previously employed as a satellite systems engineer at a Vancouver-based aerospace company, where his projects there focused on creating innovative satellite-based technology.

Dan loves fresh air and exploring, rock climbing, canoeing, hiking, swimming, and anything that will get him outside. These experiences offer Dan a chance to connect with himself and the land. Dan also finds similarities between being in nature and the learning journeys in the classroom.