Mitch Krupp

GIS/GPS Mapping

About Mitch

Mitch teaches GIS/GPS mapping and is passionate about sharing his 15+ years of experience in the field with Indigenous innovators.

Mitch has been working as a GIS Analyst since 1998 and was one of the first professionals in BC to use GIS. He has completed hundreds of GIS projects varying in size and complexity from small, one-day undertakings to major projects spanning the entire province, and as far away as Hanoi, Vietnam.

Mitch developed and taught the highly-successful Advanced GIS Certificate program at Okanagan College. He also developed and taught several introductory GIS programs. Mitch has been teaching at the Technology Council since its inception to provide GIS training to Indigenous learners. More recently, Mitch worked with the Technology Council to create the Futures GIS/GPS course, including the development of a new introductory program for 3D modelling using CAD software.

When not making maps or teaching, Mitch can be found either in his studio creating ceramics, practicing fine woodworking, building drones, making music, and photography.