Jade Lafontaine

Specialist, Research

About Jade

As the Research Specialist, Sector Transformation, Jade works closely with the team to conduct research projects that address gaps in technology for Indigenous communities, as well as gaps in the tech sector for Indigenous inclusion.

Jade holds a master's degree from McGill University where she recently completed her thesis working alongside Kahnawá:ke to address concerns about digital learning for immersion language classrooms. During her undergraduate degree, Jade was the first graduate to receive a Major in the First Nations and Endangered Languages Program. She has a passion for language reclamation and the relationship between learning language and technology.  Jade has received multiple awards for her research and has had a number of opportunities to conduct research for Indigenous communities and groups.

Jade is Salish on her father’s side from Spuzzum First Nation, and Algonquin on her mother’s side from Maniwaki Quebec, as well as being of mixed European ancestry.