Data Analytics


Learn how to collect, analyze and present data to make informed decisions for your business, community, or employer.

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March 2, 2024




8 Wednesdays, 10:30AM-1:30PM


Live, online instruction

About This Course

This course is delivered by a trusted partner, meaning that it is not taught by our instructors. Applicants to this course will complete the same application form and are eligible to receive the same supports as other courses.

All businesses, organizations, and communities collect data, whether it’s sales figures, market research, logistics, or environmental rehabilitation on the land. No matter what the data is, a data analyst’s job is to translate it into plain language that helps employers and clients make informed decisions. The data analytics course teaches you how to build and manage databases, identify dataset trends, and present insights by building visually dynamic dashboards using the latest data analysis software.

Offered by our partner, BrainStation, this course is taught using a world-class online learning platform, live webinar classes that emphasize collaboration and feedback, and comprehensive resources. This course is delivered by an external partner with multiple intake dates throughout the year. Click here to see upcoming dates for this course.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Data collection and analysis
  • Advanced Excel data analysis
  • Data cleaning
  • SQL for data analysis
  • Visualization and presentation of data
  • Tools used: MAMP, Excel, Tableau

Credentials earned upon completion

Certificate of Completion

You'll Gain

Career-ready professional skills and certifications.

You'll Need to Have

An internet connection and basic computer skills including; laptop operation and maintenance, video conferencing, MS office as well as some developed skills within the area you’re interested in pursuing.

Job Outlook

Common job titles are database analyst, database architect, database administrator, and more. There are approximately 4,600 people working in this field in BC, earning between $20.19 and $56.41 an hour. The job outlook is good for this position as the economy expands and professionals retire.

Learner Supports


This course is funded for Indigenous Peoples ages 18+ living in BC.


Equipment and technology required for this course is provided.

Support Team

Our caring staff are always available for 1:1 meetings.


Learners are eligible to apply for funding to cover some living expenses.


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