Digital Transformation


Our new Digital Transformation course is for Indigenous learners who want to better understand and utilize digital technologies in their daily lives.

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March 4, 2024




9 am-4 pm


Live, online instruction

About This Course

Digital Transformation is the process of using digital technologies to create new — or modify existing — business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet changing business and market requirements. This reimagining of business and how information is communicated in the digital age is digital transformation.

Examples of Digital Transformation are all around us! We used to go to Blockbuster, but now many of us have Netflix. We used to do all of our shopping in stores, but now many of us shop online. We used to only be able to learn First Nations languages one-on-one or from textbooks, now we can learn online.

Our new Digital Transformation course is for Indigenous learners who want to better understand and utilize digital technologies in their daily lives. This course would be a benefit to individuals who want to digitally transform their business or workplace or are interested in a career in digital transformation.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Distinguish between digitization, digitalization, and digital transformation
  • Understand the benefits and concerns of digital transformation in First Nations communities and its use in storytelling, language revitalization, art, education, health, and business practices
  • Consider the cultural and ethical concerns of digitally transforming processes, products, and services such as those in a First Nations community
  • Create digital transformation materials relevant to your life or workplace
  • Explain the concept of digital transformation

Credentials earned upon completion

Certificate of Completion

You'll Gain

Knowledge of different career areas in tech and the digital skills required for each.

You'll Need to Have

An internet connection and basic computer skills including laptop operation and maintenance, video conferencing, and experience with Microsoft Office.

Job Outlook

This course prepares you for Focus: Digital Transformation and Futures: Digital Transformation and is designed to propel Indigenous learners into the diverse ecosystem of digital transformation. Some careers in this field include, content writers, UX designers, organizational IT leaders, and training managers.

Learner Supports


This course is funded for Indigenous Peoples ages 18+ living in BC.


Equipment and technology required for this course is provided.

Support Team

Our caring staff are always available for 1:1 meetings.


Learners are eligible to apply for funding to cover some living expenses.


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